A game jam entry that defies expectations and explanations! It's a one-dimensional turn based battle RPG that's extremely difficult and poorly explained!

In PICOMEN the complex world of strategy games is flattened into a straight line. Put your team in order and watch as they bump heads with powerful enemies. Careful planning and improvisation are the key to beating this surprisingly average game!

[The game has an auto-save feature, you can reset your progress from the start screen by choosing "clear save data" from the menu.]

Here's what all the icons mean in the game:


picomen_2.0.0_windows.zip 1 MB
picomen_2.0.0_linux.zip 674 kB
picomen_2.0.0_osx.zip 3 MB
picomen_2.0.0_raspi.zip 1 MB
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The graphics in this are outstanding, and the story/dialogue is really funny too. There's some surprising depth to the combat mechanics too! :)